Tips for Buying Crabmeat

13 12 2010

What’s the best crabmeat for the best price?  What types of crabmeat should you use in certain recipes?  I thought these quick and easy tips would be helpful in your shopping excursions… Enjoy! :)

Your market’s fish counter should have 8-ounce to 1-pound containers of fresh or pasteurized crabmeat.  It does cost more than the small cans you’ll find near the tuna, but trust me, the higher price tag is well-worth the increase in quality.  Depending on the season, pasteurized crabmeat can cost significantly less than fresh, and it has a long shelf life.  Pasteurized crabmeat works just fine for dips and casseroles.

However, always use fresh crabmeat for crab cakes or other dishes where thhe texture and flavor of the crab takes center-stage.

Depending on where you live, you may have multiple options when buying fresh crabmeat.  Jumbo lump is the highest quality crabmeat (you’ll pay for the high quality, but ooooh is it good!).  And, as the name suggests, it consists of large lumps of meat.  Backfin costs a little less and may contain smaller pieces of meat interspersed with the lump meat.  Claw meat is the least expensive grade and contains few, if any, lump meat.



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